Global warming; Retro Annapolis; Hospital care; Fracking; Environmental hypocrites

Global warming Still another warning from Wilfred Candler regarding global warming, this time with a scary reference to 400,000 Hiroshima bombs (The Sunday Capital, April 9). His solution: “Remove fossil carbon from the atmosphere.” Really? Has he thought this through? No more airlines, international shipping or farm equipment? This would cause worldwide economic collapse and […]

Global warming: Be fair to both sides

The public is vastly misinformed on the global warming/climate change issue, because of the utter one-sidedness of the media’s coverage. I know doom and gloom sells, but whipping up hysteria with headlines about rising seas, melting glaciers and climbing temperatures is irresponsible and dangerous. 1970s headlines threatened a new ice age, 1980s headlines warned us […]

Connecticut Faces Changes From Global Warming Regardless of Trump Climate Change Decision

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement could accelerate and worsen the dramatic impacts global warming is already having on Long Island Sound as well as on Connecticut’s environment and landscape, according to experts. The sound’s levels have been rising for decades,and its waters are warming. So is Connecticut’s air. Shoreline flooding […]

Belief in human-caused global warming rooted in sound science

Climate change Regarding Gregory Bush’s letter (The Capital, Sept. 26) denying a scientific basis for climate change: Climate models are tested, in a process known as “hindcasting,” against what we know happened in the past. If a model gets the past right, it’s likely to get the future right. In fact, climate models have predicted […]

Global warming; Minority president

Global warming In this day of bought-and-paid-for think tanks and merchants of doubt, it is a relief — and novel — to read the guest column headlined “Climate Stewards’ views are independent” (The Capital, Jan. 11). The column lists disagreement with three fairly widely held views: •Annapolis can protect itself from sea-level rise. •Global warming […]

There are practical, market-based ways to solve global warming

Global warming Edward D. Roderick (The Capital Nov. 8) asks a good question: What is a reasonable solution to global warming? My favorite answer would be market-based: Place a fee on carbon being introduced by fossil fuel energy producers and return all revenues thus obtained to American consumers. There are several reasons favoring this solution. […]

After chilly forecast, Trump tweets U.S. ‘could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming’

In the years before moving to the White House, Donald Trump used Twitter to call climate change “nonsense” peddled by “con artists” and “created by and for the Chinese.” Whenever temperatures reached teeth-chattering lows during New York winters, he would tweet, tongue in cheek, that what we needed was a “heavy dose of global warming.” […]