Global warming; Minority president

Global warming

In this day of bought-and-paid-for think tanks and merchants of doubt, it is a relief — and novel — to read the guest column headlined “Climate Stewards’ views are independent” (The Capital, Jan. 11).

The column lists disagreement with three fairly widely held views:

•Annapolis can protect itself from sea-level rise.

•Global warming can be solved by limiting emissions.

•America should wait for other countries to act.

Another key disagreement was with some environmental groups such as the Sierra Club is: “Faced with the opportunity to close one generating plant, would you close a fossil or nuclear plant?” The Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis would close a fossil fuel plant.

The CSGA rightly agrees that limiting or, better, eliminating fossil carbon dioxide emissions is needed. But few environmentalists, policymakers and politicians — with Jim Hansen as an honorable exception — seem to recognize that it is the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide that determines the temperature response.

We are at 400 parts per million of atmospheric carbon dioxide. We were at 280 ppm. Atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature are not in balance. Hence, global temperature will continue to rise, even if we release no more fossil carbon dioxide, until it is in equilibrium with atmospheric carbon dioxide. Consequently, we have to remove atmospheric carbon dioxide if we want a stable temperature and, hence, a stable climate:

We need to pay people as much to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we should charge for putting it there in the first place. My personal estimate is that the amount should be $350 per ton of carbon.

Minority president

“Minority President Donald Trump”: Saying it, especially aloud, takes a little bit of the sting away. It is a reminder that minority President Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, more than any other minority president in the history of USA presidential elections, and by over five times more than the second-largest margin, that of George W. Bush’s win over Al Gore.

I won’t go into the rant about how minority President Trump won, other than to say I think it was due in large part to his masterful technique of repeating lies and innuendo over and over until they became truth to many gullible people.

I challenge everyone who voted for minority President Trump to consider how Trump would have reacted if the election results were reversed. Just thinking about it brings up an image of him blaming the press and a rigged election.

I think that minority President Trump’s underwater favorability rating would improve if he could show a little humility and acknowledge that he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Instead, with no proof, he insisted that voter fraud is what kept him from winning the popular vote.

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