Team Work And Work Success

When we work in an organization, it is not right for us to work as “lone ranger”. We will not be able to achieve great success if we work alone. We need other people to assist and support us. Please keep in mind that no matter how outstanding we are, we are not able to complete every task by working alone. We definitely need teamwork. We are required to work hand in hand so that we can overcome every obstacle easily when we put our heads altogether.

Effective corporate teamwork can help to boost the employees’ morale and lead to greater productivity. I am here to share with you some useful outlines which you can apply to boost team work in your workplace. You just need to keep in mind 4 keywords, i.e. RESPECT, TRUST, COMMUNICATE and CO-OPERATE.

In my personal opinion, respect is the glue that holds a team together. In order to maintain good working relationship with our co-workers, we need to start with basic respect between one human being and another. We are reminded to respect each other in terms of age, gender, cultures, religions, education levels, working experience, work style, skills, and so on. If we can’t tolerate with each other, we will not be able to work with each other in the long run. We will always have conflicts and there is no teamwork at all.

Do you have full trust on your bosses and your co-workers? Seriously speaking, trust can make or break a company’s profitability and growth. Without trust among each other, the company will be full with gossips and politics. In order to boost teamwork, mutual trust is required. All team players function best when they trust their bosses and colleagues. No one is going to backstab each other.

Communication is essential. Nothing gets done without effective communication. Everyone in an organization wants to be heard by their superiors as well as their peers. In order to ensure that the team’s objectives and expectations are clearly defined and communicated among every team member, we need to have proper communication channels. In my personal opinion, these channels must be opened between organizational hierarchies so that all the necessary information is shared among team members. By doing so, everyone knows who they should report to and what should they accountable for.

After having the three important elements stated above, every team player will cooperate with each other to achieve the desired results.