The must-read secrets before starting your service business

Service Businesses I would say are very simple and exciting. You have a specific skill, and you sell that skill to anyone who is willing to pay. The one main thing about this type of business is that once you get the ball rolling, making a profit is very easy once you have set up a system and way to do things.

Step #1 – Passion

Very simply, what are your passion? Don’t need to worry if you don’t know what you are good at. By the end of this, you will know what is your passion and what you will want to be your service business. Passion is very essential when doing a service type business. Why? Because you will be doing this type of service continually and as long as you want to keep your business open for profit. So you can expect to do this for quite some time. You don’t want to start this type of business with something that you only want to do for a couple of weeks, or even months. You want to be passionate about it. You want to do this, and you enjoy doing it.

Tip #1 – Write it Down

Write down what it is that you like to do. It’s okay if you have more than one. Go ahead and write down 5 that you enjoy the most. If you have only one thing that you like to do, think it over, many people think that they are only like one thing when they enjoy many things and overlook it. Got it written down?

  1. Label them from 5 to 1 in fun. #1 being the funnest thing to do and #5 being the least fun to do.
  2. Label them from 5 to 1 in skill & knowledge. Which do you know the most of? #1 being the most skillful you are doing this at and #5 being the least amount of skill and knowledge you have.
  3. Label them from 5 to 1 in ease to do. #1 being the easiest thing to do, and #5 being the hardest thing to do.
  4. Add all the numbers all up, and the least amount is what you will be doing your business on.
  5. Got a tie? I say re-evaluate your choices. Label them all down and repeat steps one to three. Until you get that one thing that you will be doing your business on.

Step #2 – Research!

Don’t be afraid to research your topic, unless you have all knowing power and knowledge on how to do your type of service, there will be no need to. But if you are lacking even some of the minor points on your passion, go and research!  Google is your friend!  Go out and ask other businesses on how to do things. If you interested in starting a car repair center, go ask a car mechanic on how to do some things, there is nothing worse than starting a business that you don’t know much about.

Step #3 – Advertising

When it comes to advertising it can be a little unsure whether the money used will come back or not. Its very simply putting yourself out there to be recognized about what you do. However that does not come cheap. People call advertising “Empty Money” because you don’t know how much you are investing that you will earn back. Here are some tips on advertising.

Tip #1 – Don’t Go OverBoard

Don’t spend all or majority of your money in advertising. Advertising might get your name out there, but it will not guarantee the money would come back with customers. Go steadily and little by little. Go for a newspaper ad to start then work your way up to radio time. Local Magazines will also get your name out.

Tip #2 – Word of Mouth

Probably the best and easiest way in advertising. Word of mouth is when one person tells another about your business. And then they tell another person. It sounds really simple but it does go a long way. It does however depend on what that particular person is saying. You want customers to talk and give a good review on your business, but if your business has a bad reputation, that will spread too. So your best bet if you are going to use the Word of Mouth Advertising is to have great customer service.

Step #4 – Online Website

The world is all about computers and technology. You will need an online website so that when people want to look you up, all they will need to do is search you and look up simple information such as the times you are open, what you do, what is your mission, phone numbers, and updates.